Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

I think the new movie Alice in Wonderland is a great theme for a party from young to old, guys or girls. So I was very excited to be asked to make cupcakes for a wedding based on the movie.
They wanted the cupcakes to look like they were from a tea party and nothing to childish and were very happy with these.
Most of the flowers were brought as I didn't have the time or the courage to attempt making them for the first time, apart from the little turquoise coloured rose buds that my sister made for me. All the hearts on tiny butterflies I made by hand.
There were a range of flavors such as carrot, chocolate, vanilla and banana and a range of icings like ready to roll and the classic buttercream.
Of course my favourite was the one at the bottom with all the flowers and a little butterfly!

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