Sunday, May 23, 2010

Get some kiwi in ya!

Seams to be I get board if I don't bake something at least once a week. But over recent weeks it's been more like two or three times in a week.
My younger brother-in-law is going over to America for a few months and were had a family dinner to say 'goodbye' and 'happy travels'. So the best way to say that of course is with home baking or in this case...cupcakes.
I wanted a bit of a kiwi theme so that when he remembered his last meal with us he was reminded of home. I think Pineapple lumps are a great kiwi icon. So I made chocolate cupcakes with a pineapple cream cheese icing, sprinkled with grated chocolate and topped with a pineapple lump. Oh everybody loved these, but just encase somebody wanted something else I made Boysenberry cheese cake cupcakes. I didn't have a recipe for either of these, but I did have a picture of something similar I had seen.
I made Vanilla cupcakes to be a little bit crumbly like a cookie base. Topped with a cream cheese icing, then melted a little bit of jam to pour over the top. Next I crushed a Shrewsberry biscuit to sprinkle over.
I just loved the way these looked and they tasted wonderful too. I don't know if they were kiwi inspired but I don't know anyone that doesn't like a good cheesecake.

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