Friday, July 2, 2010

All things sweet

I have found over the last few years I have been more and more intrigued by all things sweet. I have always had a love of baking and eating of that baking but I think some what it has become a bit of a slight obession (even though slight, it is building).
I found myself baking more reguly, at least once a week and when I'm not in the kitchen I am looking at baking sites and recipes online. It's amazing being able to find just what I'm looking for at the touch of a button or click of a mouse.
Cupcakes being the main sort after, their are endless pictures, cartoon sketchers, comic strips and everthing to accompany you in the kitchen to make the best cupcakes ever. I am so glad that I don't have a credit card right now.
It has given me a lot of inspiration and now I find myself daydreaming of the next cupcakes to create.

Unfortunitly though I don't have a camera so over the last few weeks of cupcake baking I don't have any photos to upload yet. I will attempt to bluetooth some later on.

In the mean time I have also baked cookies with my daughter Nikita. She is quite the kitchen whizz. I found I could stand back and just help with some of the measurements. so I was very proud of myself to of passed on my baking expertise.
We made chocolate chip cookies with a recipe my brother gave me. I think these are delicous and so did some of my friends. The other cookies were space rocks with sprinkles mixed in like little rainbow specks. But cannot recommend the recipe, as Nikita and I were not impressed with the out come. The sprinkles were fun but the cookies didn't taste right. Needless to say we will attemp to bake these again soon, but with help from another recipe.

Good luck with your baking.

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