Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mad in the kitchen

Well I finally got a new USB cord for my phone and can upload some pictures of baking that have been building up. These have been taken over the last two or so months.

These are chocolate and lemon muffins made for work but they never made it.

It was my bosses birthday so I made whisky and sultana cupcakes with chocolate ganache icing.
And cookies & cream cupcakes. First time using vegetable shortening in cupcakes. Not to bad but I prefer butter. These had crushed Oreo cookies in the batter, with vanilla butter icing.

These were a practice run. So the family got to eat them. Vanilla cupcakes covered in ready to roll icing and then I stamped on the hearts with black food colouring.

More practice runs. These were made with ready to roll icing pressed into a cookie sheet with shapes. I painted the orange flower where as the others I coloured the icing first.

Practicing stencils cut out and put onto cakes. I think the stencils should of been a bit thinner, will have to practice these a lot more.

For this one the stencil was held onto the cake and then hand painted using food colouring. Next time I should try thinning the food colouring with vodka or something.
Overall I have been busy in the kitchen and learning from my mistakes. I have really enjoyed it and will be baking more soon.

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  1. these all look really awesome hun your doing really well :O)